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Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence


Manage your prospects (leads), accounts, revenues (projects) and contact details. Focus on the Sales process by ensuring everyone follows the SOP defined and the right sales information is captured to make the deals close. Initiate staffing of the revenue (project).

Sales Screen


Staff your projects and manage the resources by leveraging staffing algorithms. Optimize the use of your resources by knowing exactly who is working where and when they will come free. Initiate recruitment for gaps. Enable project planning and issue tracking when the project is ready and staffed.


Create and manage a project planning using Microsoft Projects (MSP) integrated with ArrowPS. Check-in/Check-out the MSP and allow management to know the variance between base line and current in Real Time to take appropriate actions.



Track Time and effort against your activity on the project. Log time for billing in case of Time and Material projects.


Track reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses in appropriate accounting heads. Bill back to customers what is due from them and allocate overhead costs where appropriate for non-billable expenses.



Track Invoicing for all events to be billed or for T&M projects. Track receipts and out stands. Also, forecast day to day expenses (budget) and spend against that budget to be able to see forecasted vs. Actuals in Cash-flows. Track Client, Projects and Employee profitability.


A fully integrated Document Management System on the web.



Track your assets, maintenance and depreciation. Track allocation of assets and utilization.


Manage all Billable and non-billable travel for projects, clients and other activity.



Track issues raised by clients through the integrated “client portal” against their project/cost center. Allocate the issue to appropriate resources and track completion and delivery/resolution.

HR & PayrollHR & Payroll

HR and Payroll


Using CTI, automate calls being received in your support center to appropriate direct the calls from clients to the right resource. Track the details of the call, integrated to Issues and log issues were appropriate to be resolved. When a call comes in, know what the unresolved issues of a client are and also why they called the last time and what were the actions to be taken.

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